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Our commitment to the consumer lies in offering a vinegar of the highest quality, unique and unrepeatable, a reference product that is achieved thanks to a perfect balance between an artisanal vinegar and modern facilities, and obviously with the exclusive use of the best raw material.

Goyval Vinagres is one of the most innovative companies in the food industry, since it currently has a wide range of products.

Discover our bulk order service for your bulk orders and vinegar for organic farming.

We distribute our products throughout the entire Spanish territory; although a large amount of our product is destinated to the international market.

Our history

Since 1996 we are dedicated to the development and aging of high-quality vinegars, being pioneers in Spain in the specialization in balsamic and organic vinegars.


Our commitment to our clients lies in offering a vinegar of the highest quality, unique and unrepeatable, a product of reference within the sector.


The result of a painstaking production process, our product reflects tradition and the distinctive ancestral culture of vinegar.


In our barrels, carefully selected, the vinegar makes a long rest until obtaining the body, structure and personality we aim for.

Our vinegar

Our products are characterized by their clean and natural aroma that give the dishes the touch of elegance and distinction that our customers seek.


The selection of the best raw material offers a vinegar of maximum satisfaction for our consumers


Our products are characterized by their clean and natural aroma that will bring to the dishes the elegance and distinction that our customers are looking for. Its content and presentation reflect a mixture of tradition and the ancestral culture characteristic of vinegar, without forgetting the young and serious air of our team.


Vinegar or acetic acid is an organic acid cataloged as ‘weak acid’, which is naturally present in plants, animals and humans in small quantities. Although the most common use for vinegar is the food, there are many others. Among them, those regulated by the recent Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/149 of the Commission of January 30, 2019, which considers vinegar as a substance suitable for use as fungicide, bactericide and herbicide.


Excellent, both in quality and variety. My favorite is the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar!

Brigi Gómez


A variety that give a great change to your dishes with their yummy vinegar creams.

Ángel García


I love them!!! I use them a lot and I love to give them away. They are also very budget friendly. ❤

Alicia Utiel