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Vinegar is the result of two fermentations of grape juice, apple juice or malt. To achieve a careful and quality product, the most important thing is the commitment of the team behind the product, which makes the selection of the best raw material, which carries out an exhaustive quality control and which pampers the product throughout the manufacturing process until it reaches out the consumer’s hands.


Colorless wine vinegar //  6-12° AC.

White wine vinegar //  6-12° AC.

Red wine vinegar //  6-12° AC.

Spirit vinegar //  5-15° AC.

Kosher spirit vinegar //  5-15° AC.

Apple cider vinegar //  5-6° AC.

Balsamic vinegar //  6° AC.

White balsamic vinegar //  6° AC.

Vintage wine vinegar  //  6-12° AC.

Organic apple cider vinegar //  5-6° AC.

Organic wine vinegar //  6-12° AC.

Organic balsamic vinegar //  6° AC.

Raspberry vinegar glazé.

Apple cider vinegar and honey glaze.

Organic raspberry vinegar glazé.

Organic apple cider vinegar and honey glazé.


Tanker truck  //  25.000 L

Flexi tank //  25.000 L

Tanker truck //  17.000 L

Tanker truck (Loxistica Galega) //  10.000 L

IBC (safe food use container 1 x 1) //  1.060 L

Drum (safe food use) //  225 L

Can (safe food use) //  50 L

Can (safe food use) //  25 L

Bag in box //  1.000 L


We have one of the best barrels cellar in Spain, with 300 barrels for the aging of our gourmet vinegar. In these oak barrels of different toasting and capacities, carefully selected by our own technical team, the vinegar rests for a long period of time until obtaining the desired body, structure and personality.

The barrel cellar, probably the most exclusive in the sector, allows us to make unique vinegars. The oak provides, depending on the time we let the vinegar rest, aromas of nuts, floral and citrus in the white wine vinegars and aromas of toast, coffee and caramel, in the balsamic, also facilitating the harmonization of wood and fruit, as in great wines.

We market our products in direct contact with our customers and distribute our products with our trucks to large stores, supermarkets, markets, and all those customers who need it, within the delivery deadline committed to the distribution and communication policy of the company.

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